With over 30 years of experience, let the company that started it all handle your next event!

La Cuisine Catering is the premier caterer in the Chicagoland area. Our food is known for its elegance, freshness, creativity and great balance of taste.

We are the catering professionals who put the “special” into special occasions. While much has changed over the past 30 years, our focus has not. We aim to enrich people’s lives with creative, great-tasting, healthy foods and impeccable service.

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  1. Lake Ridge Pointe Venue & Conference Center, Willowbrook, IL


    Relatively new to the Burr Ridge area, Lake Ridge Pointe Venue & Conference Center (LRP) is ideal when hosting corporate events to formal affairs. Featuring 8700 square feet, within four spaces; LRP can accommodate up to 400 guests reception setting. Main Space Capacity per Configuration: Class-Room 295, Theatre 375, Plated 325, Buffet 290. LRP is responding to the demand for providing increased value during this economical disarray… LRP’s venue rates are not subject to increase; based upon the type of event being held… LRP is featuring its own stimulus package and we’re Locking-In 2009 events, at 2008 Venue Rates! For a limited time; Clients and Event Planners will receive our Rental Cost/Discount on: Themed Designed Components, Place Settings, Linens, Floral and Décor Elements! When staffing is required, LRP’s pool of BASSET/TIP Certified Bartenders and ServeSafe Servers’ fees are conservatively estimated at 30% less; to what is customary in the industry. Third Offering: Includes the Ability to Purchase and Deliver Alcohol/Non-Alcohol Beverages –with the understanding that there are No Cash Bars Allowed and that the Serving of Shots will NOT be served. Conditions and costs for Security, BASSET Bartenders, Servers and DRAM Liability Coverage when alcohol is being served, apply. The transitional/open gallary design combines marble, glass and cherry wood accent –conveying both Retro & Contemporary décor. Once the client has completed their walk-thru appointment, Lake Ridge Pointe will generate a floor plan draft, according to your vision. LRP will then present options for décor components & elements complimenting the direction set during the walk-thru. Bringing to surface, a customized atmosphere; separate from what is being used or made available, everywhere else.

Client Testimonials

Danada House Wedding
“The staff – all of them – were absolutely GREAT! We cannot praise them high enough…AND the food was GREAT TOO! Thank you for a wonderful wedding!”Danada House Wedding

Pleasant Home Wedding
“Thank you so much for all of your help! Peter & I could never have planned such an amazing night without you. You made our wedding a truly memorable experience.”Pleasant Home Wedding

Costco, Inc.
“Thank you so much for making our event memorable and a success. Your service was outstanding and everyone loved the food selections. Overall, we were very pleased. We will keep you in mind for future events and will recommend you to others.”Costco, Inc.

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